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Hello Mohin,Thank you so much again for everything! You were a very patient, thorough, flexible (when I was late) and kind instructor. Each time I learned something new without being overwhelmed by too much correction. You never grew tired of explaining everything to me over and over again. Through your instructions I was able to pass the driving test by the first attempt which was a great achievement. Thank you so much for your support. All the Best!!

I was very pleased to see my son pass his driving test after been so well instructed by his M7 driving school instructor... he was very thorough.

Thanks Mohin for helping me pass my manual driving test! Would definitely recommend Mohin and M7 Driving School. He helped me build confidence with my driving and was very friendly, patient, and through with his teaching!

Daniel Passed on the 1st Go with Manual car. Done 10 Hrs Package lesson.

thank you for your help in getting my p's on the first go. I couldn't have done it without your help. your teaching methods and instructions are very clear and simple making a confusing decision or driving task much easier. thank you again!

Thanks Mohin! Passed my Red Ps on the 1st go! Your lessons were very helpfull, and your patience in explaning and repetating previous explanations definitely helped build up my confidence. You were a great teacher and I thank you for your lessons

Karishman passed with auto car.

Very friendly instructor. Well-structured lesson planning and very good advice. All in all a very great experience and I am glad that I found M7 driving school! They helped me pass on manual on my first try and I did it with ease. I would highly recommend M7 driving school for everybody.

Thanks you Mohin and M7 Driving School. After only three lessons with Mohin I got my P's first go. I couldn't be any happier with the result. I highly recommend M7 Driving School and will definitely be using them in the not too distance future for my teenage son.

I would highly recommend M7 driving school, as Mohin is so professional and a fabulous driving teacher. He is very patient and encouraging. I found the package which includes a lesson and car hire for the test to be very beneficial and I got my Ps first go! Thank you M7 driving school! Thanks again and all the best!

Hi thank you for your services in helping me pass my driving test. You were great.

Thanks a lot to M7 Driving School particularly instructor Mohin. His professional instructions, friendly behaviour and patient throughout my lessons make me confident to be a safe driver and passed my driving test with manual car. I already refer to couple of my friends and relatives and will continue...

Your service was wonderful, you have guided me in the right way to succeed in my first go, you were easy going but also strict in what you did and I really appreciate what you have done for me.

Thank u Mohin for getting my P plate Leeson, I appreciate what you did to me , being very patient to me , I have gone with two other instructors but you were the best , you made me get my p thanks again Mohin.

M7 Diving School is a really good service. I was able to pass first go confidently. The teacher was really good at explaining everything I needed to know and correcting my mistakes

I was that lucky girl to once find the best driving instructor ever to accomplish and to overcome the biggest fear of mine - driving! It took me a while, but Mohin was always so patient, professional, calm and very cooperative. I am in love with the car the driving school provided me with and I think it added a lot to my successful driving test passing!

Thank you Mohin. You have been a great instructor guiding and telling the tricks of the trade. Thank you for helping my get my full licence. Regards, Waleed

Definitely would recommend this driving to any level of a learner driver whether they have just got their license or are almost ready for your driving test. Mohin was my instructor and he not only helped me but showed me examples of what was correct and what was incorrect which is perfect for practical learners as you can understand what's right and see what's wrong, this all came across calmly and no yelling was included.

Thanks again amazing service to details and patient. Professional in driving :-)

Mr. Mohin is an excellent Driving Instructor. He guides you on every small rule relating to driving during your driving sessions. He observes every aspect of your driving and keeps continuously guiding you during your driving sessions so that you become Perfect Driver. Thanks, Mohin sir for all your guidance

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